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Ode 22 - Amir Khusrow

Ode 22 - Amir Khusrow

1. Oh Lord, what prosperity is this! what felicity has come to us, that the charming mistress has passed through the street of the forgotten ones?
2. To-night my (belted) beloved came forth laughing ; stay, oh stay, that for a moment at least. I may behold the Pleiades and the Orion (together).
3. God be praised, that my wakeful nights have not been fruitless; (for) I have seen that very cypress-like beauty sleeping in mv (very) embrace.
4. Oh drummer, distract thee not this night with anxieties for drum-beating, since, keepers of many a vigil are reposing in the embrace of their friends to-night.
5. Oh smiling rose-petal (i.e. rosy beloved), say truly, where have you been last night, since you have made this day a night for the rose-scented ones (i.e. girls emitting the odor of roses)?
6. You with me, (i.e. in my company)! God be glorified! How can this (friendship) proceed from thee? I with thee! Heaven forbid! How can I have boldness?
7. Oh Khusrau, why do you talks o much of union that is not? It’s an idle fancy, for thou hast given mania admittance unto thyself.

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