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Ode 1 - Amir Khusrow

Ode 1 - Amir Khusrow

1. The clouds are pouring, and I am being separated from my sweet-heart. How can I server my heart from my beloved on such a day?
2. The clouds are pouring, and myself and my beloved are standing to bid farewell. I am weeping on one side, the clouds on another, and the mistress on a third.
3. The verdure is peeping up, the air is delicious, the garden is fresh and green, and the nightingale (I.e. myself) with a blackened face (i.e. disgraced) becomes disunited from the rose-garden.
4. Oh thou, under every fold, of whose locks, there are ties (i.e. fetters) for me, why do you cut me up entirely joint from joint.
5. Oh thou, the pupil of my eye (i.e. human image in the eye), my eyes have become blood-pouring on thy account. Act with humanity, and don’t separate thyself from my blood-pouring eyes.
6. I do not wish the boon of eye-sight to remain any longer when once the eye is deprived of that dainty sight.
7. Thy arrows have filled my eyes with a hundred holes (i.e. wounds); take up quickly a little dust from thy path; (the rest of this line is mutilated and doubtful).
8. Here, I pay up my life (for it) do not leave me. If you don’t believe me, take it if you like, even in advance, and keep it apart (in your custody).
9. When once you separate yourself from Khusrau, your beauty would not long remain. The rose does not survive very long it is separated from the thorn.

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