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Ode 5 - Amir Khusrow

Ode 5 - Amir Khusrow

1. Once more, the heart of me - mad in (divine) love – has been lost in her street; why on earth did observe that drunken form ?
2. Oh breeze, at times when you happen to pass by those (lovely) spot, put that stranger in mind of her old friends.
3. Every night her thought enters my heart from every quarter; what side of this ruined abode (e, e, the heart) am I to keep, guard over.
4. Life has passed away, and the narrative of our love has not ended; the night has worn away, and I (must) therefore cut short my romance.
5. Tell the flames to envelope the soul, and the fire to burn away the heart; the candle is not of those who pity the moth.
6. Our very soul is ruined at her sight, whereas her coquetry is beyond all limits; we are intoxicated by the least smell (of wine), and I the cupbearer hands us too full a goblet.
7. Oh heart! after all, you did once frequent this lane of ours; have you so entirely forgotten this (old) abode?
8. I do not stand in need of thy asking me to abandon all reputation and good name, for no one teaches a lesson in notoriety to mad men.
9. Khusrau is comfortable with the burnings of his heart (i. e. love) and he is unacquainted with the pleasures of this world; how can the fire eating bird (i.e. the salamander) relish a grain of earn.

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